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bug 886791 state=-1 sev=3 pri=3 assigned=ms(ät)suse descr=kiwi creates images without pre imported keys
bug 896246 state=-1 sev=3 pri=2 assigned=sbrabec(ät)suse descr=uuidd service doesn't work
bug 886484 state=-1 sev=5 pri=5 assigned=kernel-maintainers(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=e1000e needs update
bug 876244 state=3 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-gnome(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=[Tumbleweed] GDM and gnome-shell fail to load
bug 892253 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-screening(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=updating to nvidia 340.32 => no more glx
bug 883616 state=2 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=trenn(ät)suse descr=ondemand cpu frequency scaling with "ignore_nice_load" doesn't work anymore
bug 891168 state=-3 sev=1 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-screening(ät) ovo.novell descr=Device names are changing dynamically, making the system disappear.
bug 882411 state=-3 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-screening(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=fuser prints PIDs with "%6d" causing large PIDs to be glued together
bug 872908 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=ruby-devel(ät)suse descr=yast yast: line 429: 2060 Illegal instruction
bug 896083 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-apache(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=apache module access_compat reports false error when using directive satisfy any/all
bug 891152 state=7 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=ro(ät)suse descr=format_spec_file can damage spec file
bug 887049 state=3 sev=5 pri=5 assigned=werner(ät)suse descr=Texlive 2014 native & dependencies
bug 875098 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=vmoravec(ät)suse descr=Yast Services Manager does not list proper targets for "default system target" dropdown
bug 886362 state=1 sev=5 pri=5 assigned=mfasheh(ät)suse descr=btrfs "crap" filesystem full signaling
bug 890953 state=-1 sev=3 pri=3 assigned=tchvatal(ät)suse descr=S3TC decompression does not work.

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