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bug 889187 state=1 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=kde-maintainers(ät)suse descr=unable to change settings of af any printer
bug 821405 state=1 sev=4 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-screening(ät) ovo.novell still uses the old 'openSUSE' theme instead of 'bento'
bug 861218 state=3 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=ohering(ät)suse descr=booting with nfsroot=server:/root appears to have stopped working
bug 842377 state=1 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-apache(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=Apache fails to start after "a2enflag SSL"
bug 891152 state=7 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=ro(ät)suse descr=format_spec_file can damage spec file
bug 894588 state=1 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=toddrme2178(ät)gmail descr=python-pyside fails to install egg-info
bug 895596 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=adrian(ät)suse descr=Review on SR was ignored
bug 857868 state=3 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=jsrain(ät)suse descr=System Crashes after reboot following a kernel update
bug 887048 state=2 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=dimstar(ät)opensuse descr=Gramps has missing components: "osmgpsmap" in 4.0.3 plus, in 4.0.4, "webkit".
bug 895871 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=zaitor(ät)opensuse descr=The latest Gnome update has conflicts with epiphany
bug 892893 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=mvidner(ät)suse descr=Unable to Configure NFS Server a Reboot is Required
bug 820862 state=3 sev=1 pri=5 assigned=snwint(ät)suse descr=Installation fails and tells me to submit bug report
bug 895602 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=mfilka(ät)suse descr=boot takes too long due to ipv6 dhcp timeout
bug 889595 state=-1 sev=4 pri=5 assigned=cwh(ät)suse descr=JJ: yast http-server throws perl warnings on startup
bug 863078 state=1 sev=1 pri=5 assigned=kde-maintainers(ät)suse descr=Huge memory leak in kded4 / powerdevil

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