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bug 874342 state=-2 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=tiwai(ät)suse descr=dmix does not operate at the right samplerate
bug 882230 state=2 sev=3 pri=3 assigned=xorg-maintainer-bugs(ät)forge. provo.novell descr=Add Lenovo Clickpad support to openSUSE 13.1
bug 872072 state=-1 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=kernel-maintainers(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=3.14 doesn't boot but results in reset to BIOS screen
bug 876389 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=mmarek(ät)suse descr=ARM lacks support for zImage
bug 884867 state=-1 sev=4 pri=4 assigned=jdelvare(ät)suse descr=acpitz-virtual-0 has vanished from sensors(8) output
bug 874867 state=1 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=meissner(ät)suse descr=no access to internet with activated susefirewall on openVZ-VM
bug 878474 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=nadvornik(ät)suse descr=growisofs got wrong group ownership 'floppy'
bug 870546 state=-1 sev=4 pri=3 assigned=dmajda(ät)suse descr=The "pkg_config" method in mkmf.rb modifies the $LDFLAGS variable
bug 872851 state=-1 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=yast2-maintainers(ät)suse descr=Yast modules don't start in Turkish language
bug 871584 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-screening(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=Workaround to hear the bell does not work on SLE 12 OS
bug 877263 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=maintenance(ät)opensuse descr=seamonkey 2.26: No translations packaged
bug 883097 state=1 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=mfilka(ät)suse descr="Disable firewall" during installation does not in fact disable firewall.
bug 878744 state=-3 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=vdziewiecki(ät)suse descr=s2disk segfault when trying to hibernate using KDE "suspend to disk" menu item.
bug 883686 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=kernel-maintainers(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=kexec tools do not load kdump kernel with XEN hypervisor
bug 870551 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=shchang(ät)suse descr=gnutls cannot access

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