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bug 863047 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=vcizek(ät)suse descr=Zypper reports IPv6 error when an IPv4 error occurs
bug 860679 state=2 sev=2 pri=3 assigned=xorg-maintainer-bugs(ät)forge. provo.novell descr=Nouveau: xrandr HDMI-1 and DVI-D-1 disconnected - External monitor not detected
bug 864198 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=zypp-maintainers(ät)forge.prov o.novell descr=Showing or deleting unneeded dependencies not possible
bug 867478 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=poeml(ät)cmdline descr=Squid 3.3.8 Missing ext_session_acl
bug 862096 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=tiwai(ät)suse descr=icecast-2.3.2-CVE-2011-4612.diff causes access to free'd memory
bug 864654 state=1 sev=4 pri=5 assigned=samba-maintainers(ät)SuSE descr=smbtorture needs extra/unecessary '--realm' flag to run tests
bug 864172 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=nfbrown(ät)suse descr=NFS mount fails after last kernel update
bug 866442 state=-1 sev=1 pri=2 assigned=pgajdos(ät)suse descr=ImageMagick is unupdatable
bug 860449 state=1 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-java(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=subprocess execution stdin/out malfunctioning
bug 872903 state=-1 sev=3 pri=2 assigned=mfilka(ät)suse descr=Installer Automatic Configuration failed
bug 870876 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=suse-tux(ät)gmx descr=osc command `maintained` is an alias to `mbranch` however exhibits different behaviour
bug 873031 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-screening(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=ghostscript character set conversion issue in pdfwrite
bug 860690 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=zaitor(ät)opensuse descr=Prepare and release update for GTK 3.6.5
bug 860511 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=knolleblau(ät)yahoo descr=home:Knolleblau/minidlna: Bug - missing
bug 859377 state=-3 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-screening(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=Hybernation / suspend gives black screen in enlightenment

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