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bug 883677 state=-1 sev=4 pri=4 assigned=pgajdos(ät)suse descr=ImageMagick rendering SVG replaces [=?UTF-8?Q?h=E2=80=B2?=] with [h?]
bug 875554 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=os.gnome.maintainers(ät)gmail descr=the function "save file" of external tools (gedit plugin) does not work
bug 889116 state=1 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-evolution(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=Unable to connect to 'Tasks': No backend factory for hash key 'gtasks:VTODO'
bug 883027 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=coolo(ät)suse descr=openSUSE-13.1-KDE-Live-x86_64.iso fails with bus error on Lenovo T440s
bug 885334 state=-1 sev=3 pri=4 assigned=pgajdos(ät)suse descr=ImageMagick lacks FFT support
bug 851362 state=1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=tiwai(ät)suse descr=snd_hda_intel: thinkpad t520: have to specify "model=thinkpad" in modprobe for snd-hda-intel
bug 851377 state=3 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=kernel-maintainers(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=intel video randr crash (13.1, not 12.3)
bug 872903 state=-1 sev=3 pri=2 assigned=mfilka(ät)suse descr=Installer Automatic Configuration failed
bug 869404 state=-1 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=kernel-maintainers(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=linux-3.14-rc5/drivers/gpu/drm/ttm/ttm_bo_vm.c:272 ttm_bo_vm_open+0x6b/0x70 [ttm]()
bug 869516 state=7 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=kde-maintainers(ät)suse descr=unspecified error occurs when dolphin attempts to mount sd card.
bug 868375 state=3 sev=2 pri=4 assigned=rmilasan(ät)suse descr=udev rules not applied at boot
bug 886909 state=1 sev=5 pri=5 assigned=yast2-maintainers(ät)suse descr=[User Inferace] [yast2-metapackage-handler] 1-click Install Produces Two Different Windows Instead of One
bug 892285 state=3 sev=2 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-screening(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=Cinnamon 2.3.0 Control Panel Broken
bug 890702 state=-3 sev=3 pri=5 assigned=kernel-maintainers(ät)forge.provo.novell descr=pae kernel doesn't boot - appears to cause NMI when unpacking initramfs
bug 892752 state=1 sev=4 pri=5 assigned=bnc-team-java(ät)forge.provo.novell sets JAVA_HOME to wrong jdk

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